Why Google AdWords?

  •  Google Ad (Adwords) is the most powerful & effective advertising platform to reach your target audience among other platforms.
  • You can drive more traffic to your website in a minimum time span. It is faster than SEO.

  • You can control your advertising cost.
  • Google Ads (Adwords) is measurable & flexible.

  • You can promote your business in other google products, partner websites & display networks.

  • You can choose & edit your budget at any time. No such bar for minimum spending limit.

We manage Google Ads services for a variety of organizations:

Our digital marketing services manage Google Ad services for different organizations

Small businesses

Our agency directly deals with Small businesses (either franchises or franchisees) by generally reviving their sites. For this, we do Local SEO at quite an affordable rate and help in driving local traffic to their site.


Local citations are the most essential part of local SEO as it determines where your site links are mentioned all over the web. We can help your business in the local citation (local listings) & build powerful backlinks to your website.

What will be included in Google Ads Services?

Keyword research

Boosting the right type of traffic to your website needs the right keywords. We will research keywords that can help you in getting the best return on each dollar you spend on our services.

Competitor Campaign Analysis

Do you want to know about campaigns run by your competitors? We have got you covered. We will give you insight into the strengths & weaknesses of your competitors. We will do an analysis of their campaign and pass the following information directly to you.

Campaign Creation & Ad Copy Creation

For a successful campaign, creating an ad copy is essential. A great ad copy can drive a lot of traffic. We'll create an informative, relevant, and engaging copy to attract potential customers and convert them into actual buyers.

Landing Page Design & Development

Landing pages are the soul of any organization's webpage. We will put a significant amount of effort into creating & developing informative and attractive landing pages that serve the purpose of the conversation.

Detailed Reporting and Monthly Meeting

We will provide you a detailed report of the coming month’s plans & how we will execute them. We also schedule a call with your organization and discuss our plans for your organization success

Detailed Reporting and Monthly Meeting

We will provide you a detailed report of the coming month’s plans & how we will execute them. We also schedule a call with your organization and discuss our plans for your organization success

Why Hire Rank The Web?

Rank the web has some very talented & highly skilled people who improved their skills over the years. Our dedicated team of PPC experts specialize in creating & optimizing Google ad campaigns in various industries, they usually know how to set CPC ranges & advertising efforts that convert sales.

   Our team of PPC experts has worked with aid campaigns in different industries

Our PPC experts closely analyze the client’s business model so that they can better manage the client’s Adwords account which includes profit margin out of total revenue of products & services being sold, Client’s sales funnel, conversion rate, visit to lead ratio & lead to sales ratio.

Our years of efforts in building a team of PPC experts help in reducing the cost of online advertising, increasing the reach & potential of our client’s business.

What We Worked

Our Latest Case Studies

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Emilia Clarke
"I am glad that I partnered with Rank The Web. They were a great resource in helping me understand how to successfully grow my business through digital marketing. Recently, I have seen an increase in return on investment from the services they have been providing."
Piyush Joshi
Emilia Clarke
"I must say that Rank The Web has been a great company to work with so far. They've helped our company reach more consumers each month, which has translated into more leads. In our experience, digital marketing is a cost-effective way for us to expand our presence and get the most out of our budget and it has been possible with CJ’s smart digital marketing strategy."
Shailesh Padmani
Emilia Clarke
"I tried digital marketing services of Rank The Web for the first time last month, and it was the best decision I ever made! I was afraid to start a new Google Ads campaign because I have never done it before. Luckily, Rank The Web offered a free trial and gave me all according to my expectation. Now, I am started getting good results on those campaign."
Dipak Sevani
"Great partner for the digital marketing services we've been using. We're seeing good amount of traffic and sale on our website which is why we're very happy with the ROI."
Adv Parth Raval
"I've been using Rank The Web for my SEO needs. I'm always skeptical about outsourcing my marketing to someone else but it's been a great experience. I'm not exactly sure what they do, but the results speak for themselves."